LImassol Beer Festival @ Yermasogeia

  • LImassol Beer Festival @ Yermasogeia


Limassol Beer Festival is successfully staged annually at Potamos Yermasogeias, becoming one of the most popular events in Cyprus’ · International Beer Range · Craft Beers · Easy layout at the venue area (Beer Garden) · Beer food (such as burgers, ribs, pizza, pulled pork and local delicacies to pair with favorite beers) · Beer Types (IPA, Stouts, Ales. Lagers, Pilsners, Weiss, Barrel Aged, Ciders, Fruit Beers) · learn the basics of Brewing in an Interactive setup · Beer Games, Compete & Win Prizes

Event Program

Thursday, 28 2018 - Starts: 18:00:00 Ends: 24:00:00


Event Program

Friday, 29 2018 - Starts: 18:00:00 Ends: 24:00:00

MELLOW MOOD Italian reggae band Mellow Mood formed in Pordenone (North-East Italy) in 2005. Led by twins Jacopo and Lorenzo Garzia, the band soon started their partnership with producer Paolo Baldini, Thanks to their heartfelt live shows, Rototom Sunsplash named Mellow Mood best Italian reggae band, and ranked them third at European level in the same year. The two singles “Only You” and “Dance Inna Babylon” now have more than fifty million views on YouTube.

Event Program

Saturday, 30 2018 - Starts: 18:00:00 Ends: 24:00:00

LOCOMONDO Oι Locomondo ερχονται να γιορτάζουν μαζι μας 15 χρόνια συνεχούς παρουσίας στην δισκογραφία και στις ζωντανές εμφανίσεις. Απολυτη εμBEERια με LOCOMONDO στο Limassol Beer Festival @ Yermasogeia

Event Program

Sunday, 01 2018 - Starts: 18:00:00 Ends: 24:00:00

MPLE & Lakis Papadolpoulos μΑζι μας για μια απολυτη εμBEERια στο Limassol Beer Festival @ Yermasogia